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Will Seema Haider be Sent Back to Pakistan?

About Seema Haider:

Seema Haider, a Pakistani citizen, entered India without any consent of the Indian Authority -without any visa in an illegal manner. According to some print media – Seema Haider and Sachin married at the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal in March 2023, after their marriage they stayed at the place for more than a week.

This news of the love story between Seema Haider and Sachin is nothing much less than a movie. Seema Haider crossed the international border between Pakistan and India in an illegal manner to meet her love. Seema Haider is a Pakistani Citizen who fell in love with Sachin Meena from Greater Noida- India while playing online game called PUBG in 2019. Their love grew so robust that Seema got here to India from Pakistan with her 4 children.

Seema Haider’s real name is Seema Gulam Haider. She grew to be well-known for crossing global borders illegally for her love. She was born in Sindh, Pakistan in December 1996, and her faith is Islam. She is a married lady and has 4 children, including one daughter and three sons.

How Seema Entered India?

Seema entered India barring a visa according to reports, Seema Haider used to be dwelling in Pakistan with her children. Seema met Sachin Meena thru the online sport PUBG. Slowly, their closeness increased, and they determined to stay together. After that, Seema determined to come to India from Pakistan to be with her love. For this, she offered her house, got a visa for Nepal from Dubai for herself and her children, and arrived in Nepal. Apparently, Sachin used to be ready for her there.

After that, Seema along with her four children illegally crossed the border between Nepal and India and reached Noida. There, Sachin began residing with Seema Haider away from his house. The love story of the two caught the interest of officers when Sachin used to be stopped and wondered in Noida whilst travelling on a bus to Haryana. After that, he reveals that Seema Haider is from Khairpur, a metropolis in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

More About Seema Haider:

Seema Gulam Haider from Pakistan fell in love with Sachin from Noida via PUBG. Seema, 27 years old, got here to India illegally with her 4 kids to meet him. She changed her kids’ names and is now inclined to exchange her faith as well. She was once additionally charged with illegally coming into India barring a visa, and an FIR has been filed against her. After getting bail, she is now staying at Sachin’s residence in Noida. There are numerous questions bobbing up in Seema Haider’s case.

What’s the Future of this Love Story:

Seema Haider has crossed the boundaries of Sachin’s love, however, it is presently hard to say how lengthy this love of PUBG will last. Whether Seema’s love from throughout the border is real or false, solely time will tell, however, the disclosure made via one of her former enthusiasts is truly astonishing. He referred to that Seema would not belong to anyone. She has defamed Pakistan and will now defame India as properly and deceive Sachin as well.

Most probably Indian Government will deport Seema Haider to her homeland i.e. Pakistan.

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